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tips and tricks for seo
21Nov, 2018

Tips and Tricks for SEO 2019 Update

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what that can change the speed of business. No wonder the tricks that you used today are not effective tomorrow all credit goes to Google’s regular updates.

Just like earlier using more keywords gives better ranking and now its spamming. Directory submission at one time was considered as best way to get rank and now its arrested by Google Penguin. These are common examples and the stack goes so high.
So confused, what to do or what to not? Ok, Wait. I will give you a map to drive with SEO tips and tricks for 2019. If you are here then it’s sure you are aware with Digital Marketing Services. That’s a good thing. With us, you can learn from our experience and over 10 years of data and latest researches.!

Select Right Keyword
Time has been passing very rapidly and so the ranking factors in Google Search has been changing. But one thing that never changed over the past two decade’s is the use of Keywords.
If you are not using Right Keywords? You are just wasting your time on rest including link building, on-page, and others. You cannot simply just pick any Keyword and start your SEO campaign and if you doing so you are the wrong road.
While choosing right Keywords relevant to your niche is not like climbing Mount Everest. You can follow the Keyword selection tips and tricks for you below.
• Use Google Keyword Planner as its free and considered best by SEO Community. It allows you to choose from a long queue of keywords along with monthly researches.
• Keywords must be only relevant to your niche.
• Always try to start with long tail keywords having moderate monthly searches.
• Use modifiers like a year, location, color etc as a big bunch of user Search using a modifier to refine their search.

Created a website and looking to build backlink and get rank high, then you must to going fail. As without doing all possible On-Page SEO tasks, Off-Page equals to wasting time. And doing this always make you regret.

Confused what actually On-Page SEO means and why it is so important?
On-Page refers to optimizing your website in order to rank high in Search Engine and get continuous traffic. It includes optimization of both website content and HTML code. Other factors included in On-Page SEO techniques are Speed, Image, Security, User Experience, Mobile Friendly, Sitemap, URL etc.

Backlink Building
Okay, done both Keyword Selection and On-Page SEO. What next? It’s Off-Page that is very simple but too complicated.
What is Off-Page SEO?
Thinking Off-Page is only link building? Definitely, it’s you running on the wrong track. Off-Page is not just creating backlink it means promoting your website outside your door.

In the past decade, backlink building has changed drastically. It involved quality over quantity, and sometimes even paid links.
At present those techniques are not even thinkable, to begin with. Link building through earlier tactics is ineffective and sometimes leads penalty from Google.
Remember Search Engines utilize backlinks of your website as a signal of trust, authority and a big SEO factor to rank well.
As per new SEO Tips and tricks 2018-19, looking at your link acquisition efforts improve as earning links is more effective as compared to building links.

Try out the Digital marketing tactics you just read if not bored by our long story and surely you will be on top of Search Engine. Looking to know more about Digital Marketing comment us down and we will give you the right direction to step out.

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